Grind My Stump

For our recent SEO project, we had the opportunity to work with Grind My Stump, a stump grinding company based in Surrey. They approached us with the goal of improving their website’s search engine rankings for the key phrase ‘stump grinding Surrey’ on Google.

To kick off the project, we conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords in the stump grinding industry. This helped us understand the search behavior of potential customers and determine the right keywords to target for Grind My Stump’s website.

Next, we optimised their website’s homepage by incorporating the identified keywords in the meta title, description, and content. We also took care of technical SEO aspects, such as site structure, mobile responsiveness, and page speed. These on-page optimisation efforts aimed to make the website more relevant and user-friendly in the eyes of search engines.

But our work didn’t stop there. Building domain authority is crucial for ranking well on Google, so we also implemented a backlink campaign for Grind My Stump. This involved reaching out to relevant websites and industry influencers to secure high-quality backlinks to the client’s website.

We are pleased to report that our efforts have paid off, and Grind My Stump’s website now ranks on the first page of Google for the targeted keyword. We are continuing to monitor and refine the campaign to maintain and improve their rankings further. Our team is delighted to see the positive results of our search engine optimisation techniques and help our client reach their business goals.


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