How to Create and Promote Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List

Every business owners whichever niche or industry you are in should be focusing on growing your mail list, and the best way to grow your email list is to create a lead magnet.

Lead Magnet – noun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.


Lead Magnet = Free Product!


Online Marketing Tips: How to Create and Promote Your Lead Magnet 1

Here are some of the example products you could create for your lead magnet:

  • E-book
  • Workbooks/Worksheets
  • ChecklistVideo Series
  • Audio Series
  • Email Courses
  • Challenges
  • Live Webinars
  • Recorded Workshops/Masterclass

If you are already offering free products but they are not converting (people not opting into your free product) as you expected or losing a significant number of leads in a short period of time, then you may be making these following mistakes.

Theses are some common mistakes I see with many new coaches and other service-based entrepreneurs: :


I see many new coaches and other service-based entrepreneurs creating their free product based on what THEY want to offer and create and not based on their ideal client’s needs. As a result, when they are promoting their free product, nobody actually wants them. And that leaves them without any leads when it comes to selling their paid products or services.


This is also common. Yes, you could have an amazing copy for your landing page (where people opt-in for your free product) and have people opting into your mail list to receive your free product, but I assure you if your actual product is poor, they will unsubscribe straight away.

Remember, the aim of the lead magnet is to get people on your mail list and stay, and ultimately become your paid customer/clients!


Are you creating the same old content as other coaches out there? A core principle of my business is to give 3 x more value than other competitors. Create something new and unique to you.


If you are not promoting in the RIGHT places, where your target audience hang out, you are missing out on potential clients! Be strategic about it.


Now that we know what NOT to do, here are the 5 steps to creating a powerful lead magnet that stands out from your competitors so that you can grow your mail list FAST!


Easiest way to do this is to ask your community what they need help with and what they would like to learn.

If you haven’t got a large community, ask your ideal client in other groups (choose Facebook groups where your ideal client may be hanging out). I would give them some topics to choose from. Be specific with the subject of the topics and make sure you include what results would be achieved.

One thing to keep in mind is that you want to make sure that your lead magnet is the first step (or pre-step) of your paid program or service.

For example, I have a mind-body type quiz as one of the lead magnets for my Yoga & Ayurveda business. This is a first step my audience can take as they will discover their mind-body type. I will then be offering Yoga classes, diet and lifestyle tips & advice specific to their mind-body type in my paid membership site.


Once you’ve decided on the topic, ask your community again how they’d like it to be delivered – is it a recorded video? E-book? Livestream? Challenge? Quiz?

If you already know how you want to deliver your free product, you can skip this 😊 If you are great at video, you might want to livestream or live webinar

If you are starting or wanting to grow your Facebook group, you might want to do Facebook live so that you can bring people into your Facebook group.


Ask your community what are their biggest challenges within that topic so that you can make sure you include all the answers in your content.

I used to ask my community what they needed help with and got them to choose the topic they wanted. I never followed up on that and I probably ended up creating a free product that didn’t solve their struggles. You need to provide real value to ensure their questions are answered.


Research other freebies with a similar topic that are already out there. Sign up to them and check them out! Make sure you make it 3 x better than the ones already in the market. Add EXTRA value and make it unique to you.


Create your free product! This is my favorite part of the process. BUT don’t rush this process. I know it’s a freebie but you want to create it as if it’s a paid product. Remember to give 3 x more value!


Creating a great free product can take some time and there’s no point rushing and end up with a poor quality product. So if you are limited in time, I would consider hiring a VA to help you with content, layout and design.

I would also consider making your product as user friendly as possible. If you are creating a workbook, you may want to make it fillable using Adobe Acrobat DC (alternative DocHub). I also love using Canva (alternative Picmonkey) for graphics and design. If you are creating a video, you may want to consider download option or audio only version as an extra. Get creative 😀

So you’ve created your new free product, now what?

So you’ve created your new free product, now what?

First, you’ll have to create an opt-in page (landing page) so that people can sign up and receive your free product. The landing page is a single page with ONE call-to-action, which in this case, is signing up to receive your free product.

I highly recommend LeadPages* (a monthly subscription fee applies) which I use for my own landing pages amd opt-in forms. You can design pretty sophisticated landing page with LeadPages especially if you don’t have a website set up yet or if you are not using WordPress or Squarespace as your website platform.

As an example, below screenshot is my landing page for one of my free products.

There are different templates you can choose from and it’s easily customizable to suite your own brand. Also you can easily integrate this with your email service provider such as ActiveCampaign and Convertkit.

Alternatively you can create a landing page using your own website if your platform is Squarespace or WordPress.

Make sure it’s a stand alone page with no top navigation and footer navigation menu.

This means there are no distractions and just one call to action. In Squarespace, it’s called ‘Cover Page’ and in WordPress if you are using Divi theme* (which I use for my web design clients’ website.), you can set the page to ‘Blank Page’.

I recommend your landing page to include the title of your free product and who it is for right at the top of the page. Then add a call to action button to lead to an opt-in form followed by bullet point of the benefits and results people can expect from the free product. You can have a look at an example of my landing page below.

How to Create and Promote Your Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List
You’ll also need to create a “Thank You” page. A “Thank you” page is where subscribers are re-directed immediately after they opt-in. You can either create a “Thank You” page on Leadpages or on your website. Your “Thank You” page is another opportunity for you to promote or upsell your services/product. Here is an example of my “Thank You” page.
Once you have your beautiful landing page, opt-in form and Thank You page, it’s time to promote your free product and see your mail list grow!! Don’t just let your new free product sit on your website hoping to be found by chance (by random people).

Let’s take a look at some different places where you can promote your free product that will help grow your mail list FAST!



Create a short sales post to promote your free product in your own Facebook group and other Facebook groups where your ideal client may be hanging out. Create an image with some text that explains either who it is for or the results they can expect from your free product. Or you could simply have a title of your free product! For the short sales post, start with your ideal client’s pain points followed by benefits and results. Then add a call to action with a link to your landing page. Make sure you respect the rules of the Facebook group in which you are promoting your free product. Some Facebook groups won’t allow any self-promotion and others sometimes have a promo day.


Many people tend to forget emailing their mail list to let their subscribers know about the new free product they have just launched.

Yes you may already have their email addresses but you can also put them into a new sales funnel and potentially convert them into paying customers/clients.


Facebook’s Personal Profile Pages:

Faccebook Personal Profile Page have an “intro” section where you can add a short introduction or tagline.

It doesn’t allow you to have a link in this section but you can still add your link to the landing page for your free product. If people are interested they can copy & paste the link into the browser.

Facebook’s Business Page:

Facebook’s Business Page lets you add a link to the landing page in the ‘Story’ section when you click the ‘About’ tab.

You can also add a link to the landing page via a blue button on your business page.




Instagram have a section where you can place your website link. Replace your website address with the link to the landing page. Note that Instagram does not allow any links in the post or the bio (profile) section.


Twitter allows you to add a link in the bio (profile section) on your account. I suggest adding a link to your Facebook group in the bio section.


Pinterest is similar to Instagram and will not let you add link in the bio (profile) section although you’ll see many accounts have their call to action within their bio section. You could however replace your website address with the link to the landing page (this step is similar to Instagram).

You can also create a ‘pin’ with a link to the landing page and save it in your Pinterest board.


Add your free product offer and link at the top of your group description.


These are some places you should try:


  • Header or above the fold of your website
  • Header or above the fold of your website
  • Side bar
  • Navigation bar
  • Pop-up opt-in form
  • Within the blog post – if your free product is relevant to your blog post.
  • Underneath the blog post


Facebook ads are a great way to promote your free product.

Create both short and long copy to test them out, as well as a couple of images. Or you can create a short video which apparently works very well!

Make sure you select “web conversion” when you create a campaign (see below).

You’ll then need to set a tracking pixel for your account and copy & paste it into your “Thank You” page so Facebook can track the number of conversions.

You’ll probably have to make some tweaks to your copy and image as well as your target audience before you start seeing the results on Facebook Ads. However, once you have worked out what works best for your business, you’ll see a return on investment fairy quickly.


If you have an e-book already published on Amazon, you can use your free product as a “reader magnet” on your e-book. This was tested by my entrepreneurial friend on his e-book “Career Change” and he added many subscribers organically using this strategy. Basically, you promote your free product within your published e-book with a link to either your landing page or an opt-in form. If you are planning to publish an e-book on Amazon in future, I would suggest creating a free product that is relevant to the proposed topic of the e-book.


I have a perfect workbook to help you get started! Click the ‘download’ button below.


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