Hi, I'm Risa!

I’m a Web Designer &
Online Marketing Strategist
based in Wimbledon, London.

Hi, I’m Risa!

I’m a Web Designer &
Online Marketing Strategist
based in Wimbledon, London.

What I offer

I mainly work with Health & Wellness Practitioners, such as health & life coaches, nutritionists, yoga teachers, holistic therapists & practitioners, in the early stages of their businesses.

My mission is to help you build a profitable, sustainable business by ensuring your online presence (website, social media etc) is optimised to meet your business demands.

If you just want a website – I can do that no problem! However I find that many of my clients want and need more.

More accountability, more guidance, more support. And this is what I love to provide.

The process of building a website should ask you some fundamental questions about your business and about you. I will work with you to explore who you are, what you want to achieve and what you can offer.

Once this is established – then I can build you an awesome website and online marketing strategy to make these dreams a reality.

Who I am 

I am a passionate Japanese web designer, coach and yoga teacher based in London.

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I completed my Yoga teacher training in 2014 and started running my own Yoga classes in London. I then started my own health & wellbeing blog to reach out to more people and started incorporating health coaching into my Yoga courses, and my business has really grown from there.

Since 2016, I’ve been working with people from all over the globe who are passionate about creating their own unique online business.

Why work with me? 

I now offer a unique package that combines website design, online marketing strategy and business coaching – all in one, as I absolutely love the mixture of creative & techy elements of website design and marketing strategy, combined with assisting those who need a little more guidance and support to get their business motoring! ​​

However I know from my experience working with clients is that they tend to get stuck when it comes to defining their target market, offers and their key messages. This is where the additional coaching sessions really add value for my clients.

I will save you the time and hassle of creating a website and work with you to create an effective online marketing strategy, so that you can focus on doing what you do best

I know you are here because you are passionate about what you do and are committed to change other people’s lives with your gift.

But you are spending WAY too much time trying to figure out how to build your website and market your business.

You feel stuck and you don’t know what activity you should be focusing on next to get the clients you desire.

You don’t need to do everything all alone.

Let’s do this together.

Reesa Web Design: About Web Designer Wimbledon

If you choose to work with Risa you’ll have way more than just a simple web designer at your side. Risa acted really like a coach with me, giving me the time and providing the resources I needed – as I was just starting my new coaching practice.

She was always patient and very encouraging, teaching me step by step how to create the content I needed to provide : the building blocks for my website!

I learned some unexpected takeaways from her too. I adopted the wonderful productivity tool she’s using with her clients, Asana, which is working miracles for my own work organisation. The use of the communication tool ZOOM, which I employ in my own sessions now, and a perfectly nomad work platform, Google Drive, from which I share my sessions recordings with my clients!

I strongly recommend her to both those at the start of their online journey and also to the most seasoned holistic practitioners, for her skills and her flexibility will be able to meet your demands.

Risa has left a deep imprint on my business, as she really helped me get started at a time of great confusion: with all of the technical tools in front of me I wasn’t able to imagine that I could manage them all! She brings simplicity and clarity where confusion and clutter reigns!

Thank you Risa, thank you so much! It was a wonderful journey with you at my side. I definitely look forward continuing our working relationship.

Diana Bianchi, Founder of Intuitive Coach Online

Let’s Work Together

Thank you for showing your interest in my work.

If you have any questions or want to explore the options for your website, please get in touch via my contact form and I will get straight back to you.

I look forward to speaking with you.


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